Sunday, July 4, 2021

Wine Glass Toppers - Appetizer Plates and Coasters

Complimentary wine glass toppers/appetizer plates/coasters were provided by Blissful Drinks By the Best of Life so that I could try them and share my expierence.

Summer is here! One of my favorite things in summer is meeting up with friends and hanging out. Often times, this means meeting at one of the local wineries and enjoying their decks and scenic overlooks. There is something so therapeutic about the simple activity of catching up and laughing together over the happenings in our lives. This inspired me to have my husband put together a design to use for the custom printing option for the Wine Glass Toppers | Appetizer Plates | Coasters that are available over at Blissful Drinks.

From the site:

Our custom made wooden wine glass topper appetizer plates nestle onto the rim of a standard wine glass to hold your appetizers and keep your hands free while mingling. It’s a mini plate for the top of your wine glass that becomes a coaster when you are done! Perfect for mingling and sharing your love of wine with others!

Our engraved wine glass toppers are a fun drink marker, too! Mix and match designs and use them when entertaining so everyone knows which wine belongs to them. Simply use these fun wine glass topper appetizer plates to cover your wine, enjoy small appetizers, and then use it as a coaster for your drink when you are done snacking.

An added perk?

They keep the bees and bugs out of your wine when sipping outside and are a well loved hostess gift! Wine glass toppers fit a wine glass rim of 2.75 inches or smaller and are 4 inches in diameter on top.

Our wine toppers are designed and handmade just for you by our family.

The bamboo that they are made from makes the glass toppers easy to care for. I simply handwashed them and dried them off. Each of the coasters is handmade and on a unique grain pattern, leading to slightly different imprint on each coaster, making each one slightly unique and individual (just like me and my friends - alike but unique). They stack nicely in the cabinet, making them easy to store and to keep at the ready for your next gathering. The 4" size for the top of the plate is perfect for holding a couple of small snacks while you visit with your friends and family. The slight lip on the bottom of the coaster helps keep it from sliding off your glass (which a small plastic plate will do - trust me, I have spilt a snack or two when the plate fell off my glass).

I knew when I found them that they would be perfect for the gatherings with my friends at the winery. I first took them when I met up with my friends at a winery overlooking a field and creek. We were seated, so it was less about having a free hand to snack while holding my wine, and more about topping the wine glass to protect it from bugs while we were busy chatting. My friends loved them and appreciated that I had brought them to share.

The next event I took them to was a small gathering of amazing women that I had worked with. This group of women were all former employees - whether by retirement or role elimination - but all amazing and inspiring women. I am honored to be included in the group and love the visiting and storytelling that we share about quarterly (unfortunately, covid disrupted this a bit but we are now back on schedule). I brought a coaster to share with one very special woman and since we were inside, we used them as coasters to help identify our glasses when we we sat them down and to hold our snacks while we were standing in small groups and visiting. Again, they served their purpose well at this event.

I really love this product and with 22 available designs and the ability to order a custom design, you can find one to match yours and your friends' personalities. And, since you can buy them individually you can create a unique set and use them to help identify glasses at your next gathering. Be sure to head over to their site to order your own Wine Glass Toppers and check out their other offereings, including customized trays and charcuterie boards, wine bottle coasters and more.

I liked the design on mine so much I made a shirt to match (it's on TeePublic - e-mail me for the link)

No compensation was received for this review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family. Complimentary wine glass toppers/appetizer plates/coasters were provided by Blissful Drinks By the Best of Life for my friends and I to try, so that I could share my experience.