Sunday, April 14, 2013

Target - Pizza and Ice Cream Deal!

As I looked at the paper last week, I discovered a deal at Target, that I simply knew that I must take advantage of - free ice cream when you buy pizza. What is there not to like about that combination?

2 - DiGiorno Pizzas
1 - CPK Pizza
1 - Nestle Drumsticks

-$2 DiGiorno Pizza IP (printed a few weeks ago)
-$2 DiGiorno Pizza IP
-$1 DiGiorno Pizza Target coupon
-$1 DiGiorno Pizza Target coupon

-$5.99 FREE Drumsticks wyb 3 participating pizzas

-$.05 Reusable bag credit

-$.45 Target RedCard savings

Total $8.49 for 3 pizzas and ice cream. That is not a bad deal at all!


Anonymous said...

I would say that is a pretty sweet deal!

Jennifer Marie

lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

Alexis Marlons said...

What a perfect deal. You're so lucky to have come across the deal.