Sunday, June 30, 2013

Google Reader is going away & a solution

I am sure that there has been communication and I am sure that I missed it, but I was surprised to read this morning about Google Reader going away - TOMORROW! What?!? I have used Google Reader for several years to get the feeds from my favorite blogs. Each time I open up the computer, I use Google Reader to scan through the most recent articles for the blogs I follow, so that I can quickly catch up with what they have been sharing.

Thankfully, Mama to 5 Blessings, who is on my Google Reader list, shared about Bloglovin' today, as an alternative to Google Reader.

When you sign up for Bloglovin' (before July 1st, when Google Reader is gone), you can use them to import all of the blogs that you follow directly from Google Reader. It froze up on me, but I was able to find the Import from Google Reader in the drop down under the heart icon on their title bar. Sign up was easy and I have pinned Bloglovin' to my toolbar so that I can easily check on my favorite blogs.

You might want to check it out, if you are currently a Google Reader user.

You can even use this quick link to follow A Busy Mom of Two. Follow on BloglovinFollow my blog with Bloglovin


Anonymous said...

Bloglovin seems nice. I need to look into it more to understand it better.

Jennifer Marie

lilnursejen at yahoo dot com