Monday, December 2, 2013

CVS Deals - 11/27

I finally made it to CVS on Wednesday to take advantage of their assortment of free after ECB items for Thanksgiving week. A couple of things struck me as unusual - the sale was before Thanksgiving, not on/after and the store seemed to be well stocked on everything. Sure, there were a few deals that they didn't include this year - like the headphones, but normally, even going first thing on Thanksgiving (when the sale started then), I would find a few things already stocked out. Of course, it being in stock didn't mean I remembered to get everything or that I had the right coupons with me - I should have taken the time to prepare my game plan and could have saved even more. I was not only getting deals, but restocking on the vitamins that I was in need of, so it wasn't a super low cost trip.
Transaction #1
1 - Good 'n Plenty Theater box
1 - Orbit gum
1 - 5 gum
2 - Gum Toothbrushes 2=pk
1 - Child Advil
1 - Advil 4ct
1 - CVS wipes, unscented
1 - Visine

-$4 Visine CVS coupon (was on their coupon page)

Paid with $5 ECB and $7.83 plus tax OOP, earned $12.83 in ECBs.

Transaction #2
2 - Alive Vitamins (should have bought 3 for bigger ECB...but they only had 2)
1 - Nature Made Vitamin D

-$4 $4/$20 CVS e-mail offer

Paid with $12.83 in ECBs and $32.74 plus tax OOP. Earned $15 in ECBs.

Transaction #3
2 - CVS Vitamin C (BOGO)

Paid with $5 ECB and $1.79 plus tax OOP.

For everything, my net OOP was $42.36 plus tax and I have $10 ECBs to roll for about $80 in product at sale prices. So, I wound up getting it for about 1/2 off, I could have done better, if I had brought my coupons, organized my transactions and bought the third Alive (would have been a $12 ECB instead of $5).

I did not make a trip back with their 30% coupon for Black Friday...I find that too much is considered on sale that it doesn't wind up saving me what it sounds like it should.

Did you get any deals?