Thursday, February 13, 2014

One in a Minion

This year for Valentine's day, we decided to go a different route and not just buy cards at the store for my daughter's class. I also wanted to avoid giving candy - I don't remember passing out or receiving candy as part of Valentine's Day card exchanges when I was a kid, but now it seems that everyone attaches some type of candy or lollipop to their cards. Now that my kids aren't in preschool, we no longer get to make things for class parties, so making a treat sounded like a fun way to go.

I have some seen some really cute ideas around and decided it would be fun to make something. We decided on making an edible treat and attaching a card to the, I guess I didn't totally get away from sweets, but at least I went cookie instead of candy. What did we make, you if the title of this post didn't give it away...Minions!..and we attached a card that said "You're one in a Minion. Happy Valentine's Day"
This is not an original idea, you can see my inspiration here. I did go a cheaper route though and used a tub of frosting and used frosting colors to make the blue and the black frosting that I needed and used a decorating tip on a zipper baggie to decorate the cookies, rather than buying the more expensive pre-colored cake/cookie frosting. It worked well for me. I was able to find the candy eyes at Target in their baking aisle.

I started by giving all of them overalls. Then we did the glasses, smile and hair...placing one or two eyes on each as we went. For the glasses, I pretty much drew a straight line across and then either put one or two dots on it so that when the eye was placed, it would give a black rim under it.
We did our best to make several different looking Minions. Some had hair, others did not...we even varied up the hairstyle.
We used the snack size zipper bags for holding the cookies and used the Avery business card stock for printing the cards - they were the perfect size.


ListsMania said...

These minions have always been the cause of attraction for me ... especially in form of cupcakes :)

MAGEZ said...

those are cute!