Saturday, April 26, 2014

SPAM Teriyaki

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SPAM is one of those items that everyone has heard of. I know that there are many that have childhood memories of eating SPAM. Did you know that SPAM has been around for over 75 years? No wonder it is a brand that many are familiar with.

Last year is when I first introduced my kids to SPAM. They both enjoyed it, I made it simple by cooking it up in the skillet and serving it with eggs and toast.
With the newest flavor - Teriyaki, my mind went right to stir fry or burgers with pineapple. There is something that is so appealing to me about the flavors of Teriyaki and warm pineapple. A quick search of the recipe collection on found me both! Noodlelicious SPAM Teriyaki and Hawaiian SPAMburger.

SPAM Teriyaki – Prepare your palate – a new SPAM® brand variety is now available nationwide! SPAM® Teriyaki is inspired by the rising popularity of Island cuisine hitting the mainland. Making waves all the way from beautiful Hawaii and gaining popularity among the culinary community as the “it dish,” SPAM® Musubi - a slice of grilled SPAM® and rice wrapped in nori (seaweed) - is to Hawaiians what a slice of pizza is to New Yorkers or a hot dog is to Chicagoans. Create your own SPAM® Musubi with this helpful video!”

With this introduction, the SPAM® family of products now offers 12 different varieties in the U.S., including recent additions of Chorizo and JalapeƱo.

I watched the video on SPAM Musubi and it does look pretty good too.

Have you ever had SPAM? What's your favorite way to enjoy SPAM?

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