Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Season of Change

A complimentary review copy was provided to me.
I have always been fascinated by the Amish. My fascination began as a child, when some of our neighbors moved to Indiana and lived near some Amish communities. We went to visit our neighbors and saw the Amish. I always thought there was something appealing about their lifestyle...sure I loved my jeans and tennis shoes and loved that I had electricity, but their life was so some ways similar to the life that I saw on Little House (one of my favorite shows). It piqued my interest enough that I even did one of my high school term papers on the Amish and Mennonites, which allowed me to learn a lot more about them.

Natalie never had really paid attention to the Amish, but when she gets a package at Christmas from her dad with things that had belonged to her mom and meets an Amish family at the hospital where she visited as a clown to cheer up kids, she finds herself eager to learn more about the Amish and her family. She contemplates whether she could ever be Amish. When she finds herself drawn to Jacob and becoming attached to his family, she knows that she needs to consider seriously whether she could become part of her mom's faith.

This was the first book that I have read by Lynette Sowell. I really enjoyed her writing style and the way that the story was told from many view points. I felt like I had a glimpse inside several of the characters and as such, was able to get to know them a little more. The story moved along at a nice pace, taking time to paint the picture but also keeping the story progressing. The struggle that both Natalie and Jacob experienced with their emotions and need to be true to themselves was very real.

I am excited to see that there is another book planned for this series that will be published later this fall. It revisits one of the characters that was introduced in this story...and I hope that we get to see a glimpse of the continuing story of the main characters from A Season of Change.

About the book:

An Amish widower finds love in unexpected places.

Amish widower Jacob Miller believes it was a mistake to visit the Amish village of Pinecraft for winter vacation, especially after his daughter is struck by a car. Stranded in Sarasota until his daughter recovers, Jacob grows increasingly wary of events that unfold in his unfamiliar surroundings---including the strange curiosity of Englischer Natalie Bennett.

Natalie never thought her circus career as an aerial silks artist would end with a blown-out knee at the age of 25. She also never knew her late mother had a secret---that she was once Amish.

When Natalie meets the Millers at the Sarasota hospital, she is attracted to their warm hospitality and simple ways---and soon wonders if they can help her find her mother's family. As Jacob and Natalie fall in love, their worlds collide. Will their differences tear them apart? Or will their love be strong enough to blend their clashing cultures?

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About the author: Lynette Sowell is the Carol Award-winning and ECPA best-selling author of more than 15 titles, including A Season of Change and Tempest's Course. When Lynette is not writing, she works as a medical editor and part-time newspaper reporter. She makes her home in Copperas Cove on the doorstep of the Texas hill country.

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