Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CVS Deals!

I feel like it has been forever since there were deals at CVS that had me planning a trip. I am sure that there have been some here or there deals, but I think that the deals the week of Thanksgiving are amongst my favorites. Anyone know if their Thanksgiving ad will have more deals?

I got all of this for just about $4 before tax. I submitted for a $.75 iBotta rebate. (you can sign up through this link)
3 - boxes of Kleenex Tissues
1 - 11 oz can Green Giant Corn
1 - box Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
1 - CVS soft wipes
1 - 4pk Advil tabs
1 - Vitamin Water
1 - 3 Musketeers
1 - Reese Cup
1 - Wrigley 5 gum
1 - Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste

I also got 4 rain checks. The rain checks were for Combos, Theater Box candy, and gum. Some of the other items that were out were special purchase items that aren't stocked, so I couldn't get those.

It took me a couple of minutes to reform my deals and ultimately, cost me about $1 more out of pocket, but also left me with $.99 ECB more than my original plan.

Did you get any of this weeks deals?


Debbie said...

Yes, I went today and I'm glad I waited because I got a $5 off $15 coupon in my email this morning! The Hershey's deal and canned vegetables were actually a limit of 2. I used the extra $5 to snag 2 bags of Gevalia coffee. I went to 3 different stores, none of them had the theater box candy or the parmesan cheese. I got the Starbucks, Vitamin Water, Mac & Cheese, gum, Advil, Robitussin, panty liners, Mars candy, Combos, and baby wipes. Maybe a few others too that I can't remember.

A Busy Mom of Two said...

I haven't had a $5/$15 coupon in forever. Sounds like you got some great deals. I haven't hit the Thanksgiving sale yet.