Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Snow is Coming...

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or that is what the forecast says. Fortunately for us, it is a quiet Saturday evening at home. We have had a busy weekend already with working out, a couple of soccer games, a trip to the grocery store (before the storm rush), and continued work on organizing the house.

One of the 'projects' that I am continuing to work on is clearing out the freezer. At the end of December, I had succeeded in reducing the freezer contents so that I could move the items from the deep freeze into our refrigerator freezer. Now, I have started to restock the freezer through sales, but continue to work on eating those items that had been in the deep freeze - to help ensure proper rotation and that the food doesn't get old.

Today was the unplanned day in my menu plan. Looking in the freezer, I saw that I had some popcorn chicken on hand. My son is a huge fan of Chicken Bacon Ranch (anything), so I suggested that they have Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwiches for dinner tonight. They are tasty and satisfying.
We took some sausage rolls that we had left from Philly Cheese Steaks earlier this week, filled them first with the popcorn chicken, added some ranch and topped with some Hormel Black Label Bacon.

The kids enjoyed the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches, but I went for a grown up grilled cheese. Two slices of crusty bread, provolone cheese, bacon and a slice of tomato. Toast it up in the oven for an amazing grilled cheese.

Whether you prefer a meaty sandwich or a gooey cheesy sandwich, you can't go wrong with having bacon in your dinner on a cold winter's night.
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