Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Road Home by Beverly Lewis

A complimentary review copy was provided to me.

It's been a while since I have read Amish Fiction, so I was glad to see The Road Home by Beverly Lewis arrive in my mailbox. I think that in many ways, for me, Amish fiction has similarities with both current fiction and period fiction. Given their lifestyles and the old-fashioned courting rituals that they live by, as they live in the modern world and deal with many of the same challenges that others do.

The Road Home was the first book I have read by Beverly Lewis. I liked her style of writing, the way in which she developed the characters and told the story. The book was a nice, easy read with chapters that were the perfect length for picking it up a chapter at a time. The story was sweet, and full of innocence. Lena Rose was thrust into an Amish community several states from home, with different rules and traditions than her own Amish community, and with relatives that she had never met, when her parents unexpectedly died. Separated from her siblings, she had to learn to cope with not being able to help them and be there for them, and find ways to bide her time until she could come home at last. She made some quick friends and quickly became a contributing and liked member of the new community. Lena Rose was hard to not like, such a sweet and considerate person that found many ways to serve others. I found myself hoping that things would turn out well (if not exactly as she anticipated) and found myself with tears in my eyes in more than one part of the story. As the story unfold, the reader saw just how resilient Lena Rose was, as she grew and adapted to her new world.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading other works by Beverly Lewis in the future.

About the Book

As the sun began to rise, Lena Rose leaned against the cool pane of the bus window and gazed out at the familiar landscape of her life. I'm leaving my family and everything I know behind. She sighed, trying to keep her composure.

Grieving the death of her Amish parents and the separation from her nine close-knit siblings, Lena Rose Schwartz consoles herself that her new life in Lancaster County won't be forever. Surely someday soon she will return to her beloved Michigan settlement, including her beau. But even as she holds on to hope for a reunion with those she loves most, she discovers that Lancaster holds charms of its own. Will she find the courage to open her heart to other possibilities?

About the Author

Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, has more than 17 million books in print. Her stories have been published in 12 languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today. Beverly and her husband, David, live in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, biking, making music, and spending time with their family. Learn more at

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