Saturday, March 21, 2020

The week ends the week begins...

The past two days have been a tale of two seasons. In the wrong sequence. Yesterday it was beautiful, when it wasn't raining, and today we woke to snow flurries and some light accumulation on our deck and playset. We took advantage of the warmth yesterday. I had the windows and doors open to let in the fresh air. I just love the way the fresh air smells when it is blowing into the house. It's funny, when I am outside, I don't really notice how the fresh air smells (at least when I'm not in the country) but as soon as you open the windows you can smell the fresh air. It's that smell that sheets hung on the clothes line to dry smell like. I went for a walk and my husband tried to fit in a long run...unfortunately, his run was about a mile too long. The skies broke open with him about a mile from home and since I had just returned from my walk, I was able to drive out and rescue him. Today was a typical Saturday, modified. All of our beds have been washed and remade, I ran to Target to get a drive up order, we picked up dinner out, and we plan to enjoy some beer from the local brewery as we watch a movie as a family tonight. It felt good to go out and patronize two local businesses that are carry out only for the time being. I was even happier to see the steady stream of people picking up food and beer, properly social distanced within the establishment. The brewery is collecting perishables to share with the local organizations that are helping to make sure that families have food during this unprecedented time (sorry, couldn't resist using the word).

It is a little crazy to think that this social distancing began a week ago, today marks the first day of week two. This time last week, restaurants were still open and gyms were still open. School had been closed and we were advised to keep distance. Stores were crazy with long lines and sold out of everything.

I find that days and hours blend together, even with trying to create some sense of order. Starting Monday, the kids have school assignments, so maybe that will help redefine days. Some of the classes have provided a daily schedule for next week, others have provided a week by week schedule of what needs to be done. One teacher plans to have daily Zoom meetings to meet with the class and share the content. The one worrisome part to me is that it is all enrichment and review. Technically, during the next two weeks we are closed they aren't supposed to be teaching anything new (with the exception of the one college course my son is in). I know that they won't be taking the time for standardized testing this year so they will have time the rest of the year to teach but it still feels like it could be hard to be motivated reviewing things remotely.

Some observations from week one.
- We have created a lot less trash this past week. I would have expected that with all of us home all day that we might have created more. I'm not really sure why it is less. Any thoughts?
- The dishwasher fills quicker and has to be run about every other day consistently. That one makes more sense.
- The laundry is less than normal. I guess without the gym and sports we have less changes of clothes, even with daily running, walking, playing outside.
- We don't eat as much snacks when we are home. We still snack but we snack on different food I guess. I know that no one has grabbed a granola bar this past week. I may have to start suggesting them just from an overall shelf life perspective.
- I miss listening to music. The kids will play things on our Alexa from time to time and we have music stations and radios in the house but I am realizing that most of my music listening is done in my car. I might have to take advantage of some of these live streams coming up - James Taylor has a thing on Sunday and Garth Brooks is doing a live stream on Monday night.

What have you noticed? What was different than you expected it might be?

Now that I wrote that title, Dave Matthews music is running through my head. Maybe I will go turn on the radio.