Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Perfect Daughter by D.J. Palmer

A complimentary advanced readers copy and gift package was provided to me from the publisher, through an offer made to all fan page members.

Wow! As I finished up the newest book from DJ Palmer, "Wow!" was my immediate response. The Perfect Daughter was a terrific psychological thriller that left me guessing until the very end - and I didn't do as good of a job in considering the possible outcomes as I normally do. The character development and story-telling were awesome and I found myself unwilling to put it down because I needed to know what happened. The use of multiple narrators helped really explore the many facets of the story and allow the reader additional perspective that each character brings to the story.

I'm in awe of good writers, and DJ Palmer is definitely one of my favorites. When I read a novel that rattles me like this one did, I simply have to take pause after I finish. I reflect on the book and wonder how they came up with the concept and the details needed to build up and then unravel the mystery as they reveal the story to the reader. It is truly an art and a gift, and I am so thankful for those that share their talents with the world.

I was still in the early pages of the book, learning about how Penny came to live with the Francones when I read the following: "She filled the bookshelf with some of our favorite reads and some of hers, including one she loved as a girl, The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes." You may be wondering, why did that line catch your attention? Well, that was one of my favorite books from childhood as well. In fact, it was one of two of my favorites that I had a copy for my children (ther other one being Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern).

I'd love to share more about the actual story with you but I would hate to spoil anything about the book. I want to you to read the story and discover the truth for yourself. Order your copy here. And, be sure to check out his other books, many of which I have shared here on the blog (like Saving Meghan and The New Husband.

About the Book:

Grace never dreamt she’d visit her teenaged daughter Penny in the locked ward of a decaying state psychiatric hospital, charged with the murder of a stranger. There was not much question of her daughter’s guilt. Police had her fingerprints on the murder weapon and the victim’s blood on her body and clothes. But they didn’t have a motive. Grace blames herself, because that’s what mothers do—they look at their choices and wonder, what if? But hindsight offers little more than the chance for regret. None of this was conceivable the day Penny came into her life. Then, it seemed like a miracle. Penny was found abandoned, with a mysterious past, and it felt like fate brought Penny to her, and her husband Arthur. But as she grew, Penny's actions grew more disturbing, and different "personalities" emerged. Arthur and Grace took Penny to different psychiatrists, many of whom believed she was putting on a show to help manage her trauma. But Grace didn’t buy it. The personas were too real, too consistent. It had to be a severe multiple personality disorder. One determined psychiatrist, Dr. Mitch McHugh, helped discover someone new inside Penny—a young girl named Abigail. Is this the nameless girl who was abandoned in the park years ago? Mitch thinks Abigail is the key to Penny’s past and to the murder. But as Grace and Mitch dig deeper, they uncover dark and shocking secrets that put all their lives in grave danger.

I have been a fan of Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer (aka DJ Palmer) since I first started reading their books. I started with the first book I picked up by Michael over 25 years ago now on vacation, having found a copy in the hotel gift shop. I was introduced by Michael to his son Daniel's works. They are both amazing writers, able to capture the reader and really leave you wondering. I was so excited to have received this special care package in the mail made available to fan page members simply for signing up and being willing to share (courtesy of DJ Palmer and St. Martin's Press). The tea was a wonderful treat and the cozy socks perfect for curling up for several hours when I simply couldn't put the book down. Thank you for the opportunity.
No compensation was received for this review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family. A complimentary advanced readers copy was provided.