Sunday, August 22, 2021

Limited Edition Bella Luna Blue Tea from Adagio - Available Today (8/22) Only!

I received a complimentary sample of Bella Luna Blue so that I could try it and share my expierence.
The blue moon is finally here and with it comes our most elusive tea, combining fresh lemongrass, ripe blueberries and the exotic hues of butterfly pea. Do not miss the indigo experience of rare Bella Luna Blue!

Limited Edition Bella Luna Blue Tea. A customer favorite and magical tea that brews blue, and when you add lemon juice, it turns purple! It is an exclusive that is only sold on days of a blue moon. Today is your chance to order it because on August 22nd there is a Blue Moon.

I had a chance to try the tea and I really enjoyed the experience. I used a clear mug so that I could enjoy the beautiful blue hues brought to us by the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
and see the cool transformation when I added the lemon juice to the tea.
Seriously, don't waste this tea on a dark mug, make sure you can enjoy not only the taste but the visual experience of this tea by using a clear or white interior mug.

Be sure to stock up on this caffeine free tea with the flavors of lemongrass and blueberries, since it is only available once in a blue moon (hehe). I really enjoyed the tea but will tell you I doubled up on the tea to make it a little stronger flavor and adding the lemon juice helped the lemongrass and blueberry flavors have more pop than they do without.

Over the past couple of years, I have really been enjoying a variety of new teas that I found at Adagio Teas, you should check out their many loose leaf tea options. You can also get some great teaware to help you enjoy your tea. I still use my toasTEA travel mug that I got a couple of years ago to enjoy hot tea on the go (or even just on my deck). I find it a little 'fun' that you flip it upside down to allow it to brew and then when you flip it back the leaves sit above your hot tea in the mug.

No compensation was received for this review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family. I received a complimentary sample of Bella Luna Blue so that I could try it and share my expierence.