Wednesday, November 1, 2023

An Amish Cinderella by Shelley Shepard Gray

A complimentary review copy was provided to me.

I recently finished reading An Amish Cinderella by Shelley Shepard Gray. It was a very good story, with relatable characters that you couldn't help but root for things to turn out good for them.

About the Book:
Now that her friends are all marrying or moving away, Heart Beachy has started feeling lonely. Worse, everyone keeps asking when she’s going to find a man of her own. Don’t they realize Heart has her hands full at home with her widowed dad, too many chores, and a menagerie of needy, small animals? Besides, she doesn’t understand the fuss about marriage. It’s enough to make her consider finally becoming a pet-sitter, or moving to an English community, where she won’t be an oddity . . .

Newcomer Clayton Glick is utterly charmed by Heart—and completely confounded. He can’t figure out why this beautiful woman is as awkward as a teenager whenever he’s around, which is often now that he’s an apprentice to her blacksmith father. So Clayton starts assisting with Heart’s never-ending tasks, even helping her corral her unruly pets. How else can he court an adorably flustered woman who doesn’t know the first thing about courtship? Because courting is exactly what he intends . . .

Heart doesn’t know why her pulse hammers every time she sees Clayton. She only knows yielding to such emotions will mean trouble. . . But maybe with a little faith—and the loss of a shoe—Clayton can convince her to join him on the road to happily ever after.

I have always enjoyed the books written by Shelley Shepard Gray. She has a knack for weaving a nice story and does a great job developing her characters. This one, portrays an Amish girl named Heart Beachy that fills her day running the house and caring for her father after her mother dies. Her father, Levi is a gruff man but a very talented blacksmith whose work extends from the traditional shoeing of horses to commissioned pieces of art. It is clear that he loves his daughter and is thankful for her but does poorly at recognizing and acknowledging all that she does for him. As the story unfolds, the reader is introduced to the Beachy's neighbor Mary, who is a help to many in their community. and to Clayton, Levi's new apprentice who grew up in a children's home and never had a family to call his own.

Together this trio, plus Mary, navigate through some twists and turns and both sad and heartwarming moments. One of the quirks is that Heart decides in the moment to 'adopt' a fancy white rat from Mary when she needs someone to care for the rat. First, let me say that each time the rat was referred to as a fancy rat it made me smile. I've never been one to want to have a rat and the idea that they are fancy was amusing to me. Even as she offers to take care of the fancy white rat, she is not sure her father will like it but does so anyway. Fortunately for her, he is with his new apprentice when she brings it home and is distracted. In time, he definitey warms to the rat and even offers to help take in a dog and a litter of puppies to help Mary out later.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Amish romance. it was an easy and enjoyable story, with some quirks, that drew me in and kept me reading until the very end. After reading the book, I learned that it is the third in The Amish of Apple Creek series. It reads well as an independant story but is good news because now I have two other books that I will want to pick up and learn more about the others in the series.

This was an enjoyable, sweet love story that loosely aligns with Cinderella and I would recommend it for anyone that is looking for a light, quick read.
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