Saturday, July 19, 2008

CVS Trip #2

Made a second trip back to make a 2nd large photo book. I was better prepared this time, but since there was a wait at the machine and a line forming, I actually prepaid for the book and will print it out later.

1 Crest Sensitivity ($2.99)
1 6x8 Photo Book ($7.99)
2 CVS Tampons ($1.49/monthly ECB item)
1 Gold Emblem Gummy Bears ($.99)
1 Trident gum ($1.19)

- $.75 MFG Coupon Crest Sensitivity

Paid $11.98 in ECB and $.41 OOP. Earned $7.99 and $2.98 in ECB. (lost $1.01)

If I hadn't been so flustered, when I added the Trident to make up the $.04 I was short of $15, I would have thought to put back the Gummy Bears I had only intended as a filler. Oh well. I made a couple ECB yesterday, so I guess losing one today wasn't a huge deal. Would have been better to not lose it though.


Mindy said...

Keep up the good work on your blog. IT'll all come together faster than you think!