Friday, April 6, 2012

The Easter Turkey?

When I was growing up, there were many Easter traditions. I can remember going to egg hunts and to a couple of family dinners. You could always count on plenty of hard boiled eggs, marshmallow eggs and ham.

Unfortunately, my husband doesn't care for marshmallow eggs (more for me!) or ham. As such, when we celebrate on our own, we have the non-traditional Easter Turkey for dinner. Sure, I am a big fan of a roasted turkey with all of the trimmings, but I miss the ham. I can't really make a ham for myself (the kids might eat some, but I'm thinking that they will choose the turkey), so I have to improvise.

I think that we will likely do our main meal at noontime this year. So, I will get my ham fix at breakfast and lunch this year using Hormel Cure 81 Ham. Instead of buying a larger spiral sliced ham that would feed a family, I am going to stick with their diced ham. It is the perfect way for me to get the taste of that delicious ham without having to make a whole ham for one!

I will make eggs for breakfast, but mine will not be just plain scrambled eggs. I will be adding some of the diced ham to my eggs. I can already taste the scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. And then, at dinnertime, since we will likely still be full from the turkey, we will have a simple meal of grilled cheese and perhaps, some tomato soup. Once again, I will plus up my sandwich by adding some diced ham.

Whether you are planning a traditional ham dinner for Easter or having to improvise, be sure to print out a coupon for Hormel Cure 81 Ham.

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Betty Roberts said...

I don't care for ham or Peeps either, I normally make chicken for Easter

Anonymous said...

I use to like Peeps as a kid, but for some reason I lost interest. I do like ham. Patricia

momto8 said...

ham..all the way!!
peeps and if they don't like them they make smores with them!
Happy Easter!