Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rascal Flatts Changed

At one point in my college career, I started listening to some country music. It was the influence of some of my friends who were part of a neighboring fraternity. My Big in my sorority was friends with several of them and I found myself spending time with them and as we listened to the music, I found that I was learning the songs and singing along. Country wasn't completely 'new' to me at this point. As a child, I remember one of my first albums (yes, actually a record album) was Kenny Rogers' The Gambler. And, a few years earlier, Friends in Low Places had been released and was a common song to be heard at social events in college. I do remember having someone (who, I'm not sure?) make me a mix tape of many of those country songs that I listened to on my Walkman the following summer as I would walk in the evenings. (Record albums and mix tapes - makes me feel old! My kids have seen record albums, but probably aren't familiar with tapes)

Since that time, I have continued to enjoy country. My favorite morning drive channel for several years when I was first married was a country station, until they changed up their morning crew and I lost interest in the DJs. I still listen to some country, although much of what I hear these days are the cross-over hits on the radio or the songs that my husband has on in his car.
One group that I have become familiar with is Rascal Flatts. They just released their 8th studio album, called Changed, last week. I have been listening to it for the past couple of days. There are a number of songs that sound familiar to me, although only one has been released. I'm thinking it is mostly their comfortable style that is familiar to me.

The first single from the album, which was released earlier this year is a song called Banjo. It is already a top 10 country radio hit. It is a bit of a catchy tune, about having to get away to a place that is off the maps where you hear the banjo. You can check out the lyrics here.

I think my two favorite songs are Hot In Here and A Little Home. Hot In Here is a fun song with sing along lyrics. A Little Home is a song that I feel I can relate too. It talks about always needing home. As a member of a large extended family, not being around makes me homesick - growing up, we got together at least monthly and being away from it, I miss it. Even now that I have a home and family of my own, it is still nice to go home to where I grew up and be with the rest of my family. I love the end of the song:

'No matter how grown up you get
Oh, no matter how far you roam
Sometimes you just need a little home
Home sweet home
Sometimes you just need a little home
"Hey, mom and dad, what’s goin’ on?”'

You can learn more about the band, their past albums, their upcoming tour stops and more on their website. I learned, for instance, that two of the members are from Ohio (what a great place to be from and live!).

You can find Rascal Flatts out on tour this summer. You can find the current schedule and purchase tickets here.

Here is a chance to win tickets to see Rascal Flatts, as part of their fly away contest - they're giving away airfare, hotel, tickets and meet & greet passes for two lucky fans to see Rascal Flatts on their summer American Band tour kicking off this June with Eli Young Band, Little Big Town and Edens Edge. Contest ends April 30th.

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Betty Roberts said...

I actually didn't start listening to country music until about 18 I like rascal flats, Sara Evans, Carrie underwood, and band perry