Monday, January 14, 2013


I never used to have much concern or consideration for my workout clothes. Most of my exercise would take place in my family room or in the fuzzy light of pre-dawn. If I saw people, it certainly wasn't many and not usually the same people even. When I worked out at home, it wasn't uncommon for me to put on a workout top and keep on my pajama bottoms. Or, if I did change, I didn't worry much about them matching.

Now that I am working out most mornings at the Y, in organized classes, I feel like there is suddenly a need to be concerned about my workout fashion. I want to have clothes that are comfortable, but reasonably fashionable (matching?). There seems to be a common group of people that take the classes each morning, so having variety is also important so that I don't have to wear the same outfit each day.

pv.body is a company that, once you sign up and complete a survey of what type of athlete you are, they send you an awesome complete outfit of fitness apparel in brands people love – Lululemon, ALO, Nux, Nike, etc. Best of all, each outfit is only $49 (~$150 ARV).

pv. body keeps things simple. Basically, you take a quick quiz (answering questions about your favorite types of workouts, your size, style, color palettes you like, etc.) and a personal pv. body style profile is created for you. The pv. body team puts together a personalized outfit for you each month and ships it to you. You can decide how frequently you want to get a new outfit and take breaks from shipments too. Products are offered in sizes XS - L.

Want to check it out? As a special for A Busy Mom of Two readers, you can get 20% off your first outfit if you sign up through my link. This makes it only $39/month for a new workout outfit.
As a special bonus, after you sign up through the above link, you can then come back here and use this link to take the pv.body 30 Day Challenge and kick start your New Year resolutions and receive tons of fun prizes. (IMPORTANT: Please note that you will not receive the discount if you sign up for the challenge first; you have to sign up through the discount link above to receive the 20% off.) The pv.body 30 day challenge provides you with your own personal dietitian and trainer to help you meet your fitness and health goals. Everyday, our pv.body babes will be given a new challenge that they can share with friends! Challenges include workouts, recipes, meal plans, group activities and more!

No compensation was received for this post. As a pv.body ambassador, I will receive one free workout outfit based on my survey responses, so that I can experience the service. The discount link is also my referral link.


Anonymous said...

I have not met my new years resolution of working out-but I am going to continue to try!

Jennifer marie

lilnursejen at yahoo dot com