Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

It is May. The thermometer may not be a good indicator of the month, but the schedule sure is. We are full swing into baseball, softball and soccer - some are lagging a little, but the schedule is full. So, we are back on the cook once eat twice (or more) approach and the quick prep meal approach for menu planning. Fortunately, we are usually still able to make eating as a family (or at least 3 of us) work for us most nights. I like that, it is a chance to reconnect and catch up on our days.

Grilled Moroccan Chicken (I will share this recipe - it is flavorful and moise, come back for the link) and Cheesy Quinoa (will also share this one)

Chicken Tacos (using extra grilled chicken from Sunday)

Sonoran Chicken Pasta (the rest of the chicken)

Chicken Cheesesteaks

Pork chops

Chicken Rollatini (will have to share this recipe too, it is a favorite)

dinner out with friends

Breakfasts and lunches are pretty straight forward at our house. During the week, cereal is the poplular favorite, but sometimes we have bagels or English Muffins or a sandwich from the freezer. Weekends, we will sometimes make cinnamon rolls or traditional hot breakfast foods. Lunch on the weekends is usually leftovers or sandwiches. During busy sports days, we pack a lunch to take to the fields with us to keep us nourished throughout the day. During the week kids have hot lunches from the school or the occasional packed lunch. My husband and I continue to rely on leftovers, frozen meals and sandwiches for lunch.

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