Monday, May 19, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

What a good weekend. Friday evening, we went to the movies as a family. We went two separate ways at the theater with my son and husband checking out Million Dollar Arm and my daughter and I watching Legends of Oz. Saturday was rainy and we wound up only playing soccer in the morning and the other sports wound up cancelled. It was sort of nice just to be around the house with unexpected time. I finished a book, did laundry and relaxed. Then we watched a movie at home as a family in the evening. Sunday we had one game and one practice for the kids. The balance of the time was spent outside. The kids playing with friends, my husband mowing and I was able to put in my garden and flowers (so glad it wasn't June like last year).

It is officially another crazy week around here. Kid's sports are in full swing. I don't think that we have a night this week where we only have one activity. Most nights it is that each kid has an activity, but there are a few nights where we will have to make a choice between activities for the kids. Fortunately, the school year is winding down and things will relax a little in a few weeks. I get to start summer hours in a few weeks and get to enjoy extended weekends as a result, of course, it will make the rest of my schedule a little tighter as I put those hours in earlier in the week.

The menu plan this week has a theme of quick to table. Now, some of them require some prep time, it is either that my husband can put it in the oven and forget about it until dinner time or that I can cut and prep in advance, so we simply have to serve.

Pull Apart Pepperoni Bread (family loved, will share)
Chicken Piccata

Chicken Patty Sandwiches

Lasagne Rolls

Turkey Roast



TBD - with sports and family visiting, we haven't decided yet

For breakfast, most days the family enjoys cereal or toast, with the occasional oatmeal or breakfast sandwich entering the mix. Lunch is either the school hot lunch or a packed sandwich for the kids and leftovers or microwave meals for my husband and I. This menu plan shared at Menu Plan Monday.