Thursday, June 10, 2021

Swanwick Blue Light Blockers

Complimentary blue light blocker glasses were provided by Swanwick so that I could try them and share my expierence.

I'm not sure about your experience but ever since schools closed for 'two weeks' last spring, there has been a definite transition to online work for school. Even when we returned to the classroom in the fall, assignments and tests were online, books were largely avaiable to the students online to use for studying. When our schools transitioned for a few weeks to an all online approach last winter, my daughter asked me about getting some blue light blockers.

I had never used blue light blockers but I knew several women that I had worked with that did a lot of detail work on their computers that swore by them. So, I started to do my research to learn more about blue light blockers.

My first inquiry was to better understand blue light. I discovered that blue light is everywhere, it isn't produced by artificial sources only. It’s found in the sun’s ray, so we see blue light naturally every time we look up at a blue sky. In fact, from what I read, you get most of your exposure to blue light from the sun when outside. However, as people are spending more times in front of screens, people are now getting more exposure than ever when they’re inside.

My second inquiry was to understand the role and benefit of blue light blocking glasses. I learned that blue light from the screen makes it difficult to focus and your eyes strain to concentrate on the screen. The glasses increase contrast, which makes focusing easier and your eyse strain less. The blue light from your screen also makes you feel more alert, and the short wavelengths delay the release of melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone that your body naturally releases). So, if you have to be on a screen near bedtime, the blue light blocking glasses can help not delay the release of melatonin and may help you sleep better. I also learned that light, especially blue light can trigger migraines and exacerbate headache pain. So, if this is an issue for you, the use of blue light blocking glasses could help reduce headaches and headache pain.

After my research, it felt like something that would be good to get for my daughter (and myself). We checked out the Swanwick page and I was surprised to discover that they offer not only Day Swannies but also Night Swannies. In addition, they also offer their glasses with prescription lenses and in child sizes. It seems they have a product to fit many needs.

This FAQ from their page provides some great info on the Day Swannies and the Night Swannies and the construction of their glasses:
What is a good brand of blue light blocking glasses?
Swanwick Night Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses are FDA registered and have been extensively researched, designed, and manufactured specifically to block the full spectrum blue light by combining a specific colored tint with special AR coatings which work together to effectively filter blue light.

We design and manufacture our Day Swannies to the same exacting standards as our Night Swannies, but with lenses that allow the beneficial daytime blue light spectrum through to keep us alert and operating at your peak.

All Swannies are made with high-quality acetate, TR-90, or alloy frames featuring spring hinges and top of the line CR-39 lenses with UV rated anti-glare coating on both front and back. We are confident that you won't find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market!

They have a whole section of their website dedicated to science and the testing that they have done to validate their glasses.

We each decided to go with the daytime Swannies, which feature clear lenses (the nighttime ones look like they block more of the blue light, important closer to bedtime, but the daytime still have a pretty high rating). We each selected Swanwick Daytime Swannies with frames that fit our style - she went with a clear frame

and I went with a tortoise frame.

They ship in a nice sturdy box and within a satiny pouch. I keep the box in my drawer, so that I can slide them in over the weekend but use the pouch daily to store them and with the nice material it is made with, it doubles as a lens wiper when I get a smudge or fingerprint on them. The glasses fit comfortably on the face and over the ears. I notice the edges of my frames but having worn glasses (and contacts) for the last 30 years, it doesn't bother me but could be an adjustment for those that aren't used to wearing glasses.

There definitely is a different 'tint' to the light seen on the screen when wearing the glasses than when you are not. I wear them most days while I work but rarely when I am on a device after work. I don't know why except that my time on a screen is more consistent during the day and more intermitten in the evenings and weekends. I do feel like my eyes are less tired when I wear the glasses compared to when I don't. I don't notice a difference with dry eye that I sometimes get when working on a screen for extended periods of time. When I asked my daughter about her experience, in typical teenage fashion, I got a lot of short answers but she indicated that she does like them and wears hers more in the evening when she is working on homework (school year) or binge watching her favorite episodes on the iPad. In part, that is becuase she sometimes needs glasses in the classroom to see the board and carrying two pairs of glassses to school is not something she wanted to worry about.

If you spend a lot of time working on a screen, then checking out Swanwick Blue Light Blockers could help you. You can find their products here at and hopefully find an option that works best for you.

No compensation was received for this review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family. Complimentary blue light blocker glasses were provided by Swanwick for my family and I to try, so that I could share my experience.