Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Photo Books

Photo books are a great holiday gift for just about anyone you are close to. Photo books are a great personal gift, that the recipients will find themselves sharing with others.

You can make a photo book of the kids for the grandparents or of the family for the kids. A few years ago, we started doing books each year for the grandparents. I pull together many of my favorite pictures of the kids, as well as pictures of them with the family, from the past year and put them together in a photo book. Another option is to gather pictures of your family and put them together in a photo book for your kids.

Of course, instead of making a book that spans the full year, you could also make a book from a special occasion or event from the prior year to share with all of those involved. If you take a family vacation with your larger family, gather every one's pictures and assemble a book full of the memories. Order a copy for everyone (for each family, really) so that everyone has a collection of all of the pictures from the vacation. Similarly, if there was a reunion or an anniversary party or other event, you could make a photo book capturing the fun.

I have also seen people use photo books as a way to get a personalized book. I saw one where they made a book of ABCs, featuring one or more of their own pictures for each letter. I think this is a neat idea, but is not something that I have done.

I have two codes for a free 20-page, 8x8 photo books remaining from my Shuttefly House Party that I hosted a few weeks ago (I still haven't shared about that, have I?). I hate to see them go to waste and they are only good until December 6th. Since that doesn't really give me enough time to do a giveaway, I'm going to do a site scavenger hunt type giveaway. I will put up two posts in the next 24 hours each with a question that can be answered with information contained in one of my posts from the past couple of weeks (or through a link in one of those posts). The first person to respond by e-mail with the correct answer to that question, will be the winner. I will post at 7 am Eastern and at 5 pm Eastern on Thursday, December 2nd. I will notify the winner and send their codes over on Thursday night.

No compensation was received for this post. I have the coupon codes for the free Shutterfly Photo Book from a recent Shutterfly House Party that I hosted.