Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mamvation Monday

Wow! Where does the time go? How can it be that it is Wednesday and I am just now writing my Monday post?

Either way - last week was a great week! I had a lot of activities that lead me to some extra eating - it can be challenging to figure out how to tally up when you eat out or when you have a potluck type gathering, but I was able to stay within my Points Plus allowance, based on my estimates. I try my best to stick to easy foods, foods that I can track easily. As an example, I had a lot of steamed asparagus with a wasabi dip (the dip, a little difficult to figure out - should have asked for the recipe, it was good) at the potluck gathering. Not knowing what it was, I counted it all as if it were mayonnaise. I was pretty sure that was the base, and couldn't imagine that any other ingredients would make it worth more points. Dinner out can be hard too! Trying to build a meal from it's components up.

The other tactic that worked really well for me was to build in the known items ahead of time. As an example, I knew that at my work Christmas party, that I was having fillet and I knew I wanted to have wine. I simply put those on the tracker ahead of time so that they were already part of the "budget" and I wasn't adding them on to a meal plan that already was consuming that budget. This really helped me plan and succeed.

The first week of Weight Watchers Points Plus was definitely a bit of a learning curve for me. I was so used to the Points program - even had an equation that allowed me to quickly evaluate the number of Points. I can't do that with the Points Plus program. I am still trying to get my hands around the impact of more or less fat, carbs, fiber and protein on the calculation. I learned that many of my favorite items were more on Points Plus than on the old Points program. I found it interesting, for instance, that now all of the cereals in my cabinet are worth the same on Points Plus. It somehow makes it easier to allow myself a "treat" at breakfast or as an evening snack (seriously, a bowl of cereal and milk, especially a lightly sweetened one, makes a great, satisfying snack (even for a sweet tooth) for only about 5 Points Plus.)

Last week was my recovery week on P90X. I didn't do any evening workouts during the week, I was too busy. I hope to get back on track this week with doing the Ab Ripper X and Walking in the evening. I am starting into Phase 2 this week as well, which means some new workouts to help mix it up.

In the end, I lost 0.8# last week. Not bad for one lunch and two dinners out and a potluck meal one evening. I now have 26# that I would like to lose on my journey to my new goal.

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