Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mamavation Monday

I am back on track and it feels good!

After two weeks of paying little attention and 10 days of vacation, I am back on track. Granted, I gained some weight over that time frame. In fact, it was just over 3# that I gained, but considering that I was down 3/4# since yesterday suggests to me that most of it was not "real" weight. My goal is to be back down to where I was by next Monday. Seems pretty achievable to me.

I got back on track yesterday with my eating. I started writing down what I was eating again too. It is amazing how much of an impact tracking alone can have on your overall success. I find myself occasionally reaching for that extra helping, snack, etc. and then stopping, thinking do I really want to mark down that I ate that and attempt to quantify it? I am still following the make healthy choices, monitor total calorie approach to eating. It seems to be working for me and the way that my family eats. I am still using my scale to help me gauge portions when I am home and then trying to fill my plate with vegetables and lean protein when I am out. The biggest difference from last week to this week is the lack of soda...I drank more soda last week than I have in the last year (perhaps longer). I can't stand diet soda, so it was all regular, full-calorie drinks. This change alone should make a serious dent in that gain.

Last week, I definitely did a lot of walking, but despite my hopes otherwise, I didn't actually work out. I wore a pedometer one day to see what I did - on that day, I walked over 20000 steps. So, I was active - just not exercise active.

Yesterday morning I just went for a walk. I was a little worried about going from being active in walking around to being active in exercise too abruptly, so I decided not to run. I could definitely feel the workout in my legs at the end of the day. But, this morning, I decided it was time to run again. My friend that I meet at the track had asked about going up today, which gave me the perfect setting for easing back into running...only I didn't ease. I ran 2 1/8 miles of the 3 3/8 miles at the track (I still had the 1.25 of walking up to and back from the track - so walking was still king of the total workout). That, I believe is the furthest that I ran and I did it two laps (just over 5 minutes) at a time. I alternated with a single lap of walking between. It felt GREAT!!!

I am trying to get back in the groove of keeping a daily journal again too of what I did, how I felt, etc. Something that I can go back to for inspiration when needed. I have one day down, not quite a habit yet, but I have hope that I can do it.

#s to Go: 25.4#

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Jenn of PersonalFitCoach.com said...

I was also MIA for the campaign for the past two weeks. Glad to have you back on track. I'm trying to join you as well. Walking with a friend this morning. Looking forward to your updates.

@AndreaEmilien said...

Isn't it funny how something as easy as food journaling keeps you on track?? Such a great tip! 20000 steps??? THAT IS AMAZING!!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! When you jump back in, you REALLY jump back in! Glad to have back! You've been missed! :)

Katie said...

Welcome back! I'm proud of you for jumping right back in!

Faby A said...

Getting back on track is the important think you will be able to start running again nice to meet you have a great weekend.