Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walking (in the Dark?)

So, few months back I started walking outside every morning. With time, I started to mix in some running. Some mornings I simply walk the neighborhood, other mornings I meet a friend at the track. Here's the thing - when we started walking it was early dawn at 5 am when I would head out, now it is DARK!!! And, it keeps getting lighter later (yes, I know it's only a minute or two a day - but it seems like more). I want to keep walking in the morning, but this darkness is a challenge to me. It is getting to the point where not only is it not light out at all when I start, but it isn't when I am done either!

If I stay in the neighborhood, there are a good number of street lights, but even then there are shadows where the street lights don't reach. I do tend to pass a good number of people - some on foot, some getting their paper, some heading off to work or school in their cars.

If I head to the track, I am meeting my friend there, but since we don't wait for the other to start, it is hard to locate where she is on the track (or if she is there). Most of the track falls into a shadow. There are lights on the school that help light a portion of the track, but otherwise not so much. There is another neighbor that shows up many mornings about half way through my walk and about the time I leave there are others that start to arrive.

The question is - what do I do? Do I continue to walk outside and know that when we Fall Back in two months that it will be lighter again? Do I carry a flashlight? Do I pull my workout indoors and miss out on the fresh air?

All I know is that Walking in the Dark does not work for me. This post shared at Works for Me Wednesday - what doesn't work for me edition.


'Becca said...

I would walk in the neighborhood where there are more people around; it will be less scary and also a more interesting walk as you'll get a variety of scenery. If the dark areas get to you, bring a flashlight.

Michelle said...

Can you wait until it *is* light? I'd have some huge safety concerns about walking alone in the dark.