Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Shopping Day!

Today is the annual Christmas Shopping Day. Every year, my husband and I choose a day in December to take and go shopping for the remaining items we need for Christmas.

Now, the reality is that most of our shopping is done already and a good number of gifts are already wrapped. This day usually is more about picking up the odds and ends that are needed to complete our shopping and occasionally, that spontaneous got to have item that we stumble upon in our journey. But, by setting the day aside, if there are things that we do need to get, we can get them together and not have to worry about the kids.

What I like best, is that it is a day for just the two of us. Once the kids are off to school, we will have breakfast and figure out where we are going and what we are getting. We will do some shopping, enjoy a nice lunch out together and then head home in time for the bus.

It is nice to have some time for just us (and get something done) amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Plus, by going in the middle of the week, the crowds are generally smaller than they are on the weekends.

Christmas Shopping Day works for me!