Saturday, December 3, 2011

CVS Deals - week of 11/27

I had to make a couple of trips to CVS this week to get everything I needed to complete the deals that I wanted. I actually thought about going out today to get the candy deal, but have no interest in leaving my house, so I will simply pass on the deal.

3 - Tide Original Detergent
2 - Glade Sprays

-$2 Tide mfg coupon
-$2 Tide mfg coupon
-$2 Tide mfg coupon
-$2 $2/2 Glade CVS coupon

Paid with $1.98. $2, $1.69 and $4.49 ECBs. Put the remaining $2.88 ($1.64 plus tax) on a gift card.

2 - Triple Flex 120ct
1 - Dawn Ultra

-$10 Triple Flex CRT
-$2 Nature Made CRT
-$1 Nature Made mfg coupon
-$1 Nature Made mfg coupon
-$.50 Dawn mfg coupon

Paid $14.86 on gift cards and $14.08 OOP. Earned $20 in Gift Cards.

I am at a point where I have no ECBs remaining, having spent them on the first transaction. I am not sure, but might put $10 of my gift cards back into CVS, just so I can keep my OOP low as I rebuild an ECB balance. We will see what the deals look like.