Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sav-A-Lot Deals - 2/18

A new Sav-A-Lot opened in town recently and I received a coupon in the mail for $5/$20, so I decided the time was right to check out the store. I have not been to a Sav-A-Lot, unless it was a really long time ago and I just don't remember.

The first thing that I noted is that I need to remember to bring a quarter with me when I shop, if I want to use a cart. I actually don't mind this at all, I think it is a great way to keep the carts from being all over the lot.

The second thing that I noted is that they carry a lot of staples, but not much variety. Much of what they carry appears to be their own line, but they had some brand items as well. Sounds like for some of the items that they don't always carry them.

The store is a nice 'small' size, perfect for picking up a bunch of bananas, a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. I could see myself stopping in for a deal or to pick up a few essentials on the way home. Since they lack variety, they won't be my weekly stop.

2 1/3# Bananas
1 bag Malt'o Meal Berry Crunch
1 KoolAid Koolers
1 4pk Angel Soft
6 Oncor Chicken Patties
4 Lunchables
1 Arizona Lemon Tea
4 Totinos Pizza Rolls
1 Shrimp Popper
1 Gallon Milk

-$5 coupon

Total $15.87 OOP.