Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

It was a good weekend. I did an indoor community, kids stuff garage sale and it was great. I was able to sell through three totes worth of clothes and toys. I still have more, but they are doing a fall sale too. My winter totes were the most full, so I'm thinking that will be a great time to sell all of that stuff.

Sunday, the family headed to the ballpark for a little minor league baseball. It was a perfect day for a game. We even got the chance to go on the field before the game and play a little catch with the kids.

This week marks the start of spring sports. We are able to ease into it, but there will be some adjustment as we return to a combination of quick meals to make and eat before a late practice/game and quick meals to have after an early practice/game. I find that I have more flexibility if the practice is late enough to eat before. I can have something prepped and my husband can put in the oven or he can start dinner on the stove before I get home. When it is after, it needs to be something that takes me the length of a shower to put together and on the table. I will share some of my quick mealtime solutions with you here shortly.

Leftovers/Hot Dogs



Southwest Three Cheese Chicken

Pork chops (in my head I hear "and applesauce" - not sure I even know where that is from)

Lemon Chicken Artichoke Pasta

TBD - some of us will eat at a Birthday party, some will wing it.

Breakfast is cereal or oatmeal each morning, although sometimes at school my daughter will have pancakes or french toast. For my son, lunch is either the menu item at school or a packed lunch with some type of sandwich. Lunch for my husband and me is typically sandwiches, frozen meals or leftovers.

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Unknown said...

I'm impressed. I never manage a meal plan. I always try but can never get past like 3 things. lol

Betty Roberts said...

The lemon chicken artichoke pasta sounds good!