Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fresh Produce Clothing

I love to wear dresses, but I seem to always have trouble finding dresses that are versatile enough to go from work to the weekend. As a busy mom, there are many times where I find myself going from work to daycare to soccer or baseball. Having a dress that I can wear to work, but still feel comfortable wearing at the ball field is something that makes the transition easier. In addition, I struggle with 'single' use items. I want to make sure that when I am buying clothing that I can get the most out of it. I try to find shirts that can be dressy paired with slacks or casual paired with Khakis or jeans. Dresses that I can wear on the weekend or add a jacket and dress it up for work.

I recently learned about a women's clothing retailer that was co-founded and run by a mom entrepreneur - Fresh Produce. Fresh Produce offers clothes that are made primarily in the USA. You can order direct through their website, or find Fresh Produce clothing is available at 25 company-owned retail boutique and at more than 500 independent retailers throughout the continental US, Canada, Hawaii and the Caribbean. The best part about Fresh Produce is that they are dedicated to designing feel-good clothes that women want to wear every day.

When I first visited the site, I was amazed by the variety of dresses for spring and summer that were available on their site. With a variety of styles and fabrics, there seemed to be options that would work great for weekend wear, but also a number that could work for both work and weekend. I had a hard time trying to decide which dress to try. In the end, I went with the Twist Front Dress in Black. It struck me as a versatile dress that I could dress up with a scarf or pearls, or go casual with a pair of sandals.

In addition to dresses, they have a great assortment of casual clothes - shorts, skirts, shirts, beach cover-ups, sweaters, cardigans, jackets and more! The fabrics and cuts just seem so fresh and relaxed. Again, even with their casual clothes, there were many pieces that I know would be versatile enough to also wear to work. They also offer a children's line for girls. The dresses were so cute, I might just have to pick up some for my daughter. My favorite is the Girl's Happyness Twirly Dress - what little girl doesn't love spinning around and watching her dress twirl around her.

I tried to include a picture of me in the dress, but it was so windy, my face was scrunchy and my hair a mess. So, I will have to try again another calmer day.

No compensation was received for this post. A dress was provided by Fresh Produce for my review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family.


Anonymous said...

The review was honest thanks, Hope to see the picture soon.

Katie B. of said...

What a cute dress! The twist front would be flattering on so many different figures... even mine, and I'm twice as wide and half as tall as you!

Fresh produce cloth said...

make all the clothes look so beautiful Thanks for sharing