Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Costumes - 2012

It's not quite yet last minute, but it is getting close and we are just settling in exactly 'what we want to be this year'. My daughter has known for months, perhaps even since last Halloween, what she wants to be - "Rapunzel, from Tangled...when her hair was cut short". My son was kicking around the idea of being Anakin Skywalker, but we are exploring some other options.

For my daughter, it was easy. We headed to Wholesale Halloween Costumes and explored their collection of Tangled costumes and accessories. They have a variety of dress options for Tangled - they have a classic dress, a deluxe dress and even a wedding dress version of the Tangled costume. My daughter decided on the classic. They have tiaras and wigs to go with the costume. Since she wants to be Rapunzel after she cut her hair, there was no need for a wig - in fact, she told me that we might need to get her hair cut before Halloween if it grows too much.
They also offer shoes and princess make-up to complete the look.

We went with the largest size that they had, a medium (7-8). It gets cold here in North East Ohio and we need the option of layering beneath the dress. Plus, the kids turn their Halloween costumes into dress-up clothes - so it is good when they will fit them for a little while. As soon as it arrived, she couldn't wait to try it on. She was very excited to see herself dressed as Rapunzel. We tried on just the dress, with nothing underneath. It fit her and there is a little bit of room for putting on layers.

The dress is cuter in person than it appears on line. The skirt is satiny with a shimmery insert and a sheer, beaded overlay. The ribbon detailing on the top is capped with a 'broach', featuring Rapunzel's picture. The sleeves are satiny with shimmery ribbon accents. The shimmery tulle at the collar was a bit itchy to her. Fortunately, she will have something on underneath it and when we play dress-up, we typically leave on our t-shirts. I might see about pressing it a bit as well, so that it doesn't brush up against her. My daughter can't wait until she can wear the costume and be Rapunzel.

Now, for my son, we explored the great 2012 costume collection available on Wholesale Halloween Costumes. There are some really cute costumes out there. They have Captain America, Angry Birds, Skylanders and more to choose from. They even have 80s Rock Mullet Wig - that makes me feel old. I can remember as a kid that people would dress up like the 50s - Poodle Skirts and the like, now kids are able to dress up like my youth. They have several other fun costumes - like a piece of pizza, skeletons and more. They also have the Anakin Skywalker costume.

If you are still looking for a costume, be sure to check out WHCostumes on Facebook. They share specials on there - the most recent one was a 30% discount on all accessories.

No compensation was provided for this post. A complimentary costume was provided to facilitate the review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family.