Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organizing a Dresser Drawer

My kids always seem to complain that they can't find this or can't find that in the drawers. Inevitably, I would go to their room, find their drawer completely torn apart and just under the last shirt that they had pulled out was the shirt that they were looking for.

Another challenge that we faced is that the drawers were very full. It seemed that every time we went to put laundry away, there was no room for the clean stuff in the drawer.

Also, to ensure that everything was worn and not forgotten, I was constantly pulling out stacks of clothes to redeposit the wash underneath. Perhaps this was a contributing factor to my first issue.

I felt like their had to be a better way. And, one day, I found it. Place the clothes in the drawer vertically instead of laying them down.

You will have to take my word on the before, because I did not take a picture.

To make the clothes fit, I folded them in thirds and then to thirds.

I stacked them and then placed them in the drawer, standing up.

Now, when I bring up the clean laundry, I can slide it in at the back of the drawer. The kids can see all of their clothes and don't have to dig through everything to find that one shirt that they want to wear. Amazingly, it also seems that more clothes fit in the drawer.

This new way of putting away clothes works for me and my kids.