Saturday, March 2, 2013

Apple Cinnamon Chex deal!

I needed to pick up some ingredients for the salad that we were bringing to dinner at our friends' house tonight, so I decided to do my grocery shopping a day earlier than normal. I mapped out my menu and created a list, but didn't look at the ad. It was sort of strange shopping without knowing if there were any specials I should stock up on.

We seem to go through a good amount of cereal, so I always check the cereal aisle for deals. I was looking to see if Chex cereal was on sale this week, because I had a coupon with me and the kids enjoy it. I was surprised to see that just the Apple Cinnamon Chex were on sale, not any of the other varieties. I actually had two coupons so I grabbed two boxes.

2 - Apple Cinnamon Chex @ $1.49/each

-$.50 Chex IP (from - not sure if they are still available)
-$.50 double coupon
-$.50 Chex IP
-$.50 double coupon

Total OOP $.98 for TWO boxes of Apple Cinnamon Chex!

Of course, I used my Foodperks today too, which saved me actually, I guess it was more like $.93 for two boxes.

On another note, I was sad to see that they had replaced their coffee bar with some machines, because they had to make room for draft beer. I missed being able to have a frozen coffee or a mocha while I shop. The cappuccino was tasty, but not quite the same experience (although, considerably cheaper).


Alexis Marlons said...

That was quite a lot of savings. I am fond of apple cinnamon.