Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ellie by PV Body - save 20%!

The other night I was watching the Biggest Loser. It was Makeover week and I noticed that along with makeover week, they start wearing different stuff at weigh in. The men have stopped taking off their shirts and the women have switched from saggy, baggy to fitted. The thing that is most noticeable is how much better they look.

It got me to thinking how much better I feel when I am wearing clothes that fit right. When I wear saggy, baggy clothes, I tend to have a lower body image. Now that is not something that happens or that I think about when I am relaxing at home, but I do think about it when I am going out, going to work, or working out.

Last month I mentioned that I had gotten some new work out clothes through PV Body. At the time, they were sending outfits from assorted lines, but now they have launched their own line called Ellie. Now that I work out in a group exercise class several times a week and walk on a fully lit track, I feel that I need to wear clothes that are both comfortable and fit. The clothes that I received from their February collection are just that.

The pants were a pair of black capris with a bright pink waist band - they hit me mid-waist and are fairly fitted. That is a good thing - I have a pair of capris that are really flared and I always manage to catch my water bottle on my pants leg during spinning class, which sends the water bottle across the room and leaves me having to clamor off the bike to retrieve it during recovery. In general, I like the way that a fitted pant also helps me remember to pull my abs in while walking or running. It helps me maintain my posture. Plus, I feel like the fitted pants show off my curves - sure they are more generous than I prefer, but I feel better about me when the clothes are fitted (fitted not tight).
photo courtesy of PVBody
The shirt is perhaps one of the softest workout shirts that I own - I love it. It is a soft pink color. It is a longer cut - that works for me, shirts that are too short make me look extra wide - because they make me look straight from the top to the hip. Again, the shirt I chose is a little bit fitted - not tight, fitted. I really like it. It seems to move with me and doesn't get twisted or pull up as a work out. Having worked out in front of a mirror now, I realize that some of my less fitted shirts seem to leave me with skin showing when I am stretching and doing some of the exercises.

Ellie is "a fitness apparel brand that marries fashion and quality!" Join their Fit Fashionista Club and for only $49.95 / month (click here when you sign up and Save 20% on Ellie! - making it only $39.96). With the Fit Fashonista Club you receive two pieces (any price) from that month's collection. Order by the 7th of each month to choose your own, or they will select an outfit for you. Of course, you can always buy pieces on their own, without joining the club.

I love that they update their designs each month and because they are their own designs, I have less chance of finding myself wearing the same workout clothes as the woman next to me (that happened one time at Zumba - I felt a little uncomfortable, because of course, I felt that their outfit fit them better that mine did). I also like that their clothes wash up well, they are washer and dryer friendly.

Why don't you check out Ellie and find workout clothes for your style and fitness activities.

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No compensation was received for this post. I am an Ellie Ambassador. When you sign up through my link, I will get a credit for your purchase. I was provided with a set of workout clothes, so that I could share my honest opinion on the product. All opinions are my own or that of my family.