Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Crystal Light Liquid

I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and one aspect of that is making sure that I drink plenty of water. Generally, I love water and have no problem drinking it, but after a while, you want something with flavor and from my vantage point, some meals simply just don't go well with plain water. Take pizza for example, maybe it is because it is one of the few meals that I associate with soda, but plain water never seems quite right with pizza. I just need some sort of a flavor, something other than plain water. With new Crystal Light Liquid, I can enjoy a flavorful, 0-calorie drink.

Crystal Light is excited to announce a fabulous new addition to its drink mixes – 0-calorie Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix. With delicious Crystal Light Liquid, you don’t have to sacrifice. You can have the best of both worlds – breakthrough flavor with 0 calories. The portable drink mix comes in six delicious flavors and makes it easier than ever for women to indulge their taste buds without the calories.

Available in Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Raspberry, Iced Tea, Mango Passionfruit, Peach Bellini and Pomtini flavors, Crystal Light Liquid puts a new, modern twist on the classics.

Crystal Light Liquid
is available in 1.62 fl. oz. multi-serve bottles with 24 servings

Crystal Light Liquid is:
- 0 calories
- Sugar free
- Sweetened with a blend of non-nutritive sweeteners
- Gluten free

I tried both the Peach Bellini and the Mango Passionfruit flavors. I enjoyed both of them. I think that next I will try the Blueberry Raspberry or the Strawberry Lemonade.

I will say that I was a little bummed at first that the Crystal Light Liquid Peach Bellini didn't have the same sparkle that I get from their Crystal Light Mocktails Peach Bellini. I still love the flavor though, and I found the solution in the Mixology recipe section on the Crystal Light Liquid page:

Virgin Peach Bellini


1 squeeze Crystal Light Liquid Peach Bellini
8 oz chilled sparkling water

A festive cocktail-esque drink without the guilt.

I also really like how easy they are to take with you. The little bottles are the perfect size to fit in your purse, for a shot of flavor in your beverage on the go.

Have you tried new Crystal Light Liquid? What is your favorite flavor?

No compensation was received for this post. A sample of Crystal Light Liquid and information about the product was provided by Kraft for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family.


Alexis Marlons said...

This looks great. I have to admit I am not an avid drinker. I always find flavor in almost everything I drink, so this one perfectly fits for me.

Kristie said...

I have never tried Crystal Light Liquid. Those flavors sound delicious. I would like to drink more water too, but I need flavor. I know what you mean about soda and pizza. I just recently gave up soda. It's going very well. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

stephanie mcfarland said...

sounds great!