Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making Kid Friendly Chopsticks

This post is courtesy of my son. We went to lunch Tuesday at a Thai restaurant, his first visit to a Thai restaurant. When I requested chopsticks, he wanted to be able to use them too. He is not yet comfortable using chopsticks in a traditional way, but he had previously used special kid chopsticks at another restaurant. As a result, he knew what he needed to make a set of kid friendly chopsticks out of a standard set of restaurant chopsticks. He headed up to the hostess stand and asked for a rubber band. We made up a set and he used it to enjoy his lunch.

After we were done eating, he wanted to take a video of me making the chopsticks. So, based on his request, here is a picture of the three supplies that you will need - a rubber band, a set of chopsticks and their wrapper:

Here is the video that he shot of me making the chopsticks:

As you can see, you simply roll up the paper that the chopsticks come in and place that between the chopsticks on the non-eating end of the sticks, leaving just enough room to attach the rubber band. Attach the rubber band securely above the wrapper, and Voila!, chopsticks that a child can easily master and use to enjoy their meal...just like mom.

(I guess this is my first Vlog...does it matter that I didn't say a thing? He certainly had what feels like an odd angle and I feel like I look a mess, when he moved the video to show me - but all in all, I can now say that I have Vlogged.)

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Robin Wilson said...

You, m'dear, are a genius! I think this is a great way to let the kids eat with the grownups so to speak. My mind just doesn't work that great anymore. I will keep this tucked away ~ great idea. Thanks!``