Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SPAM Across America

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SPAM is one of those items that everyone has heard of. I know that there are many that have childhood memories of eating SPAM. Did you know that SPAM has been around for over 75 years? No wonder it is a brand that many are familiar with.

This past weekend, I introduced my kids to SPAM. We kept our meal very simple, serving the SPAM like I would serve ham. I simply sliced the SPAM, cooked it in my skillet and served with eggs over easy and toast.
The kids really enjoyed it. My daughter had the leftovers with her lunch the next day and told me that I should make it more often.

For a brand that has been a well-known food icon for the past 76 years, it’s amazing how many people have never tried SPAM®! After so many years, SPAM® still provides the same tasty experience in a variety of flavors and sizes to SPAM® lovers worldwide today. Have you ever tried SPAM®? What about your readers?

More recently, chefs across the United States have been finding ways to work the unique flavors of SPAM® into authentic and unique recipes, making SPAM® a delicacy that everyone can enjoy.

The below map can act as a guide as you begin your quest to try as many SPAM® recipes as your stomach can handle. Summer is perfect road-trip time; so why not try something a little bit different this year? The highlight of your trip? The magnificent SPAM® Museum in Austin, Minnesota has 16,500 square feet of tastefully presented SPAM®-filled history. There’s a little something for everyone in your family:

* Educational: See the World War II exhibit, SPAM® history timeline and interactive SPAM™ Game Show quiz
* Entertaining: Great exhibits for the Monty Python fans out there
* Interactive: Visitors are encouraged to try their hand at canning SPAM® along a mock assembly line and participate in SPAM-related trivia
* Full of Goodies: Explore a whole store filled with SPAM® collectibles and tasty treats
* Free!: Open seven days a week Monday through Saturday 10 am – 5 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Have you ever had SPAM? What's your favorite way to enjoy SPAM?

No compensation was received for this post. All opinions expressed are mine or those of my family. I am completing this post as a participant in the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger program. Hormel Foods provided some product and some of the information for this post.


Unknown said...

My favorite way to use span is to fry it in butter and serve with fried taters. I have also used spam chopped up and mad ham salad spread for sandwiches is also good.

A Busy Mom of Two said...

Ham salad spread would be a good idea.

Alexis Marlons said...

I love spam in a bun with mayo and lots and lots of lettuce. I also love it with plain rice.

Kristie said...

I do not remember ever eating Spam. "Meat" in a can scares me and the people I know consider Spam as kind "trashy." kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

Wehaf said...

I have used SPAM, but I don't eat pork anymore. Now it seems gross to me, honestly.

Rusty H said...

I tried Spam for the very first time just a few months back while we were in Las Vegas visiting family. All I can say is . . . it was interesting. =D

Unknown said...

spam is very delicious

Robin Wilson said...

I haven't had spam since I was a kid when it was a staple in our home. I used to like it then fried just like you made it.

stephanie mcfarland said...

still don't think I can try it