Saturday, June 13, 2009

CVS Deals - 6/9 & 6/12

So, on Sunday there was news all over the blogosphere about an amazing Pampers Deal at CVS. The catch was that it wasn't advertised in the store circular, only on-line. Thankfully, the posts encouraged you to print that page and take it along as back up.

On Tuesday, I headed to the first store. There, the manager tried to tell me that the was not a CVS page (despite the fact that there is a link in the middle of to that page) so he could only honor the deal if it was in the regular print ad. I was need of the diapers, so I bought one pack.

Pampers $8.99
-$2 Pampers mfg coupon (from P&G coupon booklet, no longer available)

Paid with $5 and $1 ECBs and $1.18 OOP.

When I got home, I called the CVS Customer Care number. The representative said that the offer was an error on their part, but that she could honor the pack that I had bought today, but no more. She told me the $5 ECB would print on my next visit.
I headed to another CVS on Friday to see if the ECB Customer Service provided would print. While there, I showed my print out to the clerk and asked, 'Do you know if this deal is printing'. She told me that it was not, but that if you had the print out, then they were honoring it because it was our mistake. I picked up one pack of EasyUps because with this deal, it was hard to pass it up.

Pampers EasyUps $8.99
-$2 Pampers mfg coupon (from P&G coupon booklet, no longer available)

Paid with $5 ECBs and $2.25 OOP. Earned $5 ECBs.

Not too shabby - two packs of Diapers/EasyUps for $3.44 OOP and a decrease in ECBs by $1.

I did read last night that the deal was pulled on Monday by CVS, some stores were told that they were to stop honoring, but others either were not or just decided not to stop.

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Be Thou Exalted said...

My store honored the deal, too, but took my paper. Then when I went to print another one off, cvs took it down. But I did get 3 packs, and got $15 ECB's!!