Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tried It Tuesday - Lunch Skins

A while back, I won a giveaway at Jolly Mommy. The prize was 2 Lunch Skins from 3 Green Moms.

I love them!!! I am a lunch packer. I find that by packing my lunch I can eat healthier and save money. I have always used a combination of plastic dishes and plastic bags to pack my lunch. I reuse small brown bags I have gotten when shopping to pack my lunch, so my only expense in packing materials was zipper bags and fold top sandwich bags. Now, with Lunch Skins, I can save money and do my part to protect the environment.

"These reusable, colorful cloth pouches are made in the USA from a high quality, moisture-proof German fabric used worldwide in the food industry. These bags are food safe, extremely durable, grease-proof and can even be thrown in the dishwasher." (from 3greenmoms.com) The bags seal with a Velcro closure. I find that the sandwich size bag is perfect for packing my sandwich and for packing chips, cookie, or other treat for myself. I have used mine several times, sometimes wiping them clean with a dish cloth and other times running them through the dishwasher. They seem very durable.

They come in a number of designs, including white "mom" bags that can be decorated by your children (now that would be nice, like having a note in your lunch). I only have the sandwich size bags, which work well for me, but they also now offer a set of snack size bags.

I think the next thing I would like to try from 3 Green Moms is the stainless steel water bottle. A few women I work with have various stainless steel water bottles and I think it is another great way to keep water cool and portable, without the use of plastic water bottles.

The items are available to purchase on-line and through some select retailers. In addition, they offer fundraising where your group can keep 20% of the proceeds.

Have you tried Lunch Skins or the Stainless Steel bottles for water? What did you think? Have you tried something else? Share your comments or link to your post.