Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yanni Voices Concert

Last night, thanks to One2One, a friend and I had the opportunity to attend the Yanni Voices concert in Cleveland.

The story before the concert was a little bit of a mess, but the concert was great.

I picked my friend up at work so that we would only have one car to deal with at the concert. The road I would normally have taken to get her was closed, so I had to come in a different way. In doing so, I managed to drive right by her. I felt horrible when I realized what I had done. I pulled off into a drive and she walked down to meet me.

Then, we headed to downtown Cleveland to the Q. When we got there, the parking was not very expensive and there weren't many cars. We drove around the block. The whole arena was dark...something seemed odd.

I handed my friend my phone so she could try to pull up the Yanni Voices Tour webpage to confirm the location. I know I had checked it and was certain it was at the Q. While she tried to pull up the page, I entered the Wolstein Center into the GPS so we could check there to make sure it wasn't there. The page kept timing out, but when we got to the Wolstein Center, there were at least people. We rolled down a window and asked a passerby what show was playing tonight. They told us Yanni Voices.

Relieved to have found it, we went down the street and found a parking lot. By this time, it was about 15 minutes to show time (at least we thought it was). We headed up to the closest entrance, which of course was not the one with the box office. When we made our way to the right entrance, there was quite a line. In picking up our tickets, we learned that the show had been moved when the Cavs made the playoffs (they have since lost) so that the show wouldn't interfere with a game.

We got our tickets and passes for a Meet and Greet we were also invited too. When we headed over to guest services to find out where to go after the show for the Meet and Greet, we were informed that it had started at 6:30 and was now over. Bummer.

Next we headed down to our seats, which were great. We waited for the show and learned that because they had changed the venue and not everyone had exchanged their old Q tickets, they had pushed back the start time in anticipation of lines. That really was a good idea on their part and anyone that was in line was probably pretty appreciative of not having to miss the beginning of the show.

Then the show started. It was a great show. I just love the sound of piano accompanied by orchestral instruments. As with any concert, they took the time to showcase the individual musicians. Some of them were simply amazing. I can't even imagine learning to play a violin, cello or harp with those skills.

The Voices were great. I think my favorite song was Before the Night Ends which was sung by Leslie. All of them really impressed me with their range and talent.

Want to sample the music? On the music page, you can listen to one song by each of the artists. Additionally, on you can sample the songs, purchase the MP3 of a song and/or the album.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the drunk guy sitting behind us who was loudly heckling Yanni the entire time. I still can't believe he wasn't ushered out of the show!

BusyMom said...

Oh yes. I meant to include the drunk heckler. My favorite was still "Not too bad for a bunch of old guys". Especially ironic considering the age of the drunk heckler.