Friday, April 16, 2010


I've made a few trips to CVS over the past couple of weeks, but all that I have to show for my visits are a pack of gum and a stack of rain checks.

It's seems strange to me, after weeks of one or more visits per week to have a few weeks in a row where I essentially have purchased nothing. Things just seem to be really busy around here and I haven't had time to run over at lunch or in the evening. And, then, by the end of the week when I do get there, everything is gone.

I have a rain check for 2 Pantene Detangler Sprays, that after coupon and ECB will cost me $.49 each. I have a rain check for the Dove Shampoo/Conditioner which is free after ECB (this one surprised me the most, the whole Dove section was bare!). I have a rain check for a Dial Nutriskin Bodywash, which will be free after coupon and ECB.

As far as purchases, I bought a pack of Stride gum last week for $.49 and earned $.99 in ECBs - a whopping $.50 moneymaker!

Have you had better luck at CVS? I sure hope so!


Holly said...

I did not know that they did rainchecks...dang it!! I was just there and EVERYTHING was wiped out. No Cereal, no TP, no Dove, no Dial. CRUD!!!!