Monday, April 5, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday - the Monday edition

Well, with a nice long weekend to spend with my family, somehow posting about nothing just didn't take priority.

I am officially reaching the point of frustration. I have been on this plateau for so long, that it is affecting some of my choices. I have started to develop a "I'm not losing anyway, so if I can enjoy that and not gain - what have I lost" attitude. The answer in my head is nothing, which is bad. It means that I don't think anything of having a second glass of wine or grabbing a second cookie. I used to do really good at allowing myself a small treat, but keeping portions within reason. Now, I can't seem to find the point in doing that.

Clearly, I need to get refocused. I need to start seeing things move in the right direction. I need to be vigilant about working out - which seems to have been my one constant through this plateau, I have gotten up each morning I was home and exercised. I need to start making better food choices and ensuring I have proper portions for those choices. I need to start tracking everything again. I know that it can all work, if I remain focused.

I need to look for support from fellow Weight Watchers and use their success to help remotivate me.

I want to have a post that is full of excitement at finally breaking through, I'm tired of this frustration.

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TLEstrogen said...

Have you changed your workout? It's been shown to break a plateau when you do! Give it a shot and good luck!

Amy said...

I am totally mixing up my workout and my eating this week. I need to see some results, too. Good Luck!

Janelle said...

I did WW for awhile a few years back and lost about 50 lbs. What I found when I hit a plateau is that temporarily INcreasing my points generally kicked it. I would usually add 5-6 points per day for a week and every time I did this, I got off the plateau. I don't know if that will work for you, but it definitely did for me. Just a thought. I wish you luck - I know how frustrating that is!

Colleen said...

maybe you could start keeping a food and exercise journal and posting it to get some help from others to see where you could make some changes.

Lots of luck...Dont give up!

The Maniacal Matron - @MMScarlett said...

I understand your frustration in not having anything "exciting." I've wondered "what am I going to do when I'm not just starting out and hit a plateau in this?"

I'm glad to know it happens. however, I hate that you are in a rut.

Try changing things up a bit. I decided to combat boredom that I would make a daily post of my workout, food, and drink log to go along with my goals. It serves as an accountability measure for me to actually stay on track!

Rachel said...

What I put in my mouth is my issue too -- I totally try to justify a little snack here or there.

I second what others have already mentioned: a food journal and changing your work-out. Those may trick your body into breaking off of this plateau.


bookieboo said...

If it's your nutrition and you know it then you know what you have to do. But if you are consistently exercising, eating right and nothing is happening, then you have to switch it up. Choose a completely different workout. I'd recommend ChaLean Extreme if you want to start weight training, cause that would definitely get your metabolism going again! XXOO

kia said...

Good luck breaking through your plateau. There is some great advice from other commenters and I hope this week was less frustrating.