Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hi! It's Me!

I'm still here. I had the opportunity to enjoy a nice long weekend visiting with family. The kids and I took a roadtrip and now we are back. The challenge of course is that with us being gone, I didn't do the things I normally do (like meal planning) and now I am trying to catch up. That is the hardest thing about enjoying some time away, I always feel like I have twice as much to do when I get back - as I am doing what I need to do on those days, plus all of the stuff that I missed while I was away. The same thing happens at work. Makes the rest you enjoy that much more important, because you have to work twice as hard when your back.

I really need to sit down and review my ads and clip coupons. I know that there are a few deals out there that I would like to take advantage of. I saw a couple of CVS free after coupon and ECB deals when I glanced through the ad.

I definitely need to finish the week's meal plan and get to the grocery if need be (I stopped yesterday, but just for milk). Last night's dinner was chosen by my daughter on the way home from school - she wanted to have chicken nuggets and lucky for her, I just happened to have some that we had ordered from Schwann's a while back. Now, I'm stuck facing another day with no idea about what to have for dinner.

I have about 3000 things I want to post about and I hope to get back up in motion this week and get a number of them posted. I have some reviews and giveaways, some special offers, some new recipes to share (asparagus guacamole is one of them), some exciting news about a prize I won through Twitter and many of my regular posts that I want to write, if only I could find the time.

Plus, there are so many things I need to read, like the series that Crystal is doing on clutter and decluttering: Clear Out the Clutter Challenge. I think I could benefit from this series, as much as I try to declutter my life and my house, I think there is still plenty of room for improvement. In addition, there are of course a lot of new freebies out there that I need to track down and request.

Now, I'm off to do my morning exercise and get ready for the day. Hope yours is a great one.