Thursday, May 27, 2010


Do you shop at Giant Eagle? Depending on where you live, will now be able to participate in foodperks! They rolled out this program as a pilot last year in Pittsburgh (and maybe Columbus too), but it appears that they are expanding the program and it now includes at least the North East Ohio locations.

You already can earn savings on your gas by buying groceries (fuelperks!), but starting today you will be able to earn savings on your groceries by buying gas. The best part is that you earn foodperks even when you redeem fuelperks! and vise verse. For every 10 gallons of fuel you pump at GetGo, you earn a 1% discount on a future visit to Giant Eagle. You can accumulate your foodperks! too. The maximum you can redeem is 20% on a $300 maximum grocery bill.

You can learn more about foodperks! here. Watch their interactive video and get a head start by earning 10% foodperks! just for watching.

I watched the video when they rolled out the program a while back (I wasn't able to redeem the % at the time because my store didn't participate, but it showed up on my receipt when I purchased gas within the test market - wonder if it will be on my card?), so when I clicked on the interactive video link, it told me that I had already watched the video but could earn a free coffee. It still showed me a reward of 10% while watching the video, but the last screen told me that I had earned a free coffee from GetGo. Oh well! At least I can start earning foodperks! now.