Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

What a great weekend! Saturday was a beautiful day, until about 5 pm, when it poured just in time to cancel my son's baseball game. We took advantage of the new found time and headed out to our favorite local Mexican restaurant with a friend. It was nice, plus then, we didn't wind up buying anything at the minor league ball game that we went to. I did my weekly shopping on Sunday at Giant Eagle, I spent $55 on $115 worth of product (52% savings) and I have $7 in Catalinas to use next week. Three of my best purchases weren't even food! - I got 4 30-ct bags of Solo Squared Cups for $2 (and earned a $4 Catalina for the purchase), 30ft of foil for $.19 and I got 4 small boxes (17ct gallon bags and 22ct quart bags) of Hefty One Zip bags for $2, all after sale and coupons. On the grocery side, my best deal had to be the 2 Danoninos (6pk), 1 Activia (4pk), and 1 Danamils drinking yogurt (6pk) for $2.50 total after sales and coupons.

Sunday night, we joined many across the country in watching LOST. Unfortunately, our local affiliate was having "technical difficulties" and the screen was doing crazy things. We made it through the show, not really sure that we know as much as we had hoped to learn. They are re-airing on Saturday as a result of the issues, maybe I should re-watch it.

This week, as you can guess, there is once again turkey in our menu plan. We had turkey burgers on Sunday, there is ground turkey in the Skyline Chili (from the freezer), there is diced turkey tenderloin in the enchiladas (from the freezer), and we'll use turkey sausage as part of breakfast for dinner.


Skyline Chili


Breakfast for Dinner

Shredded Chicken Tacos

Rattlesnake Pasta

Dinner out with family

Weekdays breakfast is at daycare for my daughter, the rest of us eat cold cereal, frozen waffles, oatmeal, toast or whatever strikes our fancy. Lunch we pack, usually leftovers for me.

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