Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Clothing Finds...

The other evening, I needed to head to the store to pick up some ice cream topping for my daughter's daycare for a sundae buffet they were doing as part of their ice cream theme week. When I pulled in the plaza, I remembered that I had heard that Fashion Bug was going out of business. As a general rule, I have never been a big shopper at Fashion Bug, but on occasion, when I have stopped in, I have usually found something that I liked. I stopped at the Fashion Bug, which is closing in 9 days (I guess it would be 7 now). Most things were 60% off of lowest sticker price, but they had a few racks that were $7 each or $4 each if you bought 3 or more. Now, simple math says you never buy two items, as it costs $2 less if you buy one more thing. I selected a handful of shirts to try on. They had some pants, but none that I liked in my size. I was able to find two button down shirts for work, one short sleeve shirt with a unique neck that I can wear under suits to work, two casual shirts and one workout shirt. In total, the 6 shirts were $26.00 (turns out one was from a different rack than where I had found it). According to my receipt, the regular price was $101.00, so I saved about 75%.

I hate to see stores going out of business, but I love the deals that I can get when they do. It was funny, they had signs hanging on the door and in the fitting rooms that said something to the effect of buy it now, it may not be here tomorrow. I'm curious if the items I bought will be cheaper or not - not that it matters, as all sales are final during a store closing.

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