Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CVS Deals - 7/5

Since I had Monday off, I took advantage of the time and went to CVS to pick up some of the deals. I kept finding expired product on shelf, as I was picking things up. I was glad to find that the CVS that I went to still carried regular Sobe LifeWater. The one by work, during the last sale only had the Sobe Zero Calorie version. I'm not a big fan of artificial sweeteners, so I prefer to drink regular drinks when possible. I wound up picking up the Boost that I have had a rain check for for months. Unfortunately, the 12pk was expiring this week and I knew I couldn't do that. I asked and they were willing to let me grab two 6 packs instead. I had two coupons with me for $3 off, but I only used one since the deal really was supposed to be on one 12 pack. It would have been nice to save the extra $3, but it wouldn't have felt nice.

6 - Sobe LifeWater
1 - Milky Way Caramel
2 - Pantene
2 - Boost 6pk

-$1.59 Sobe BOGO IP (Heads or Tails game)
-$1.59 Sobe BOGO IP
-$1.59 Sobe BOGO IP
-$2 Pantene CRT
-$1.50 Pantene Mfg coupon
-$4.99 Pantene BOGO coupon
-$.50 Free Milky Way Caramel CRT
-$3 Boost IP (coupons.com)

Paid with $8 ECB and $.48 plus tax (total of $1.57) OOP. Earned $4 ECBs and $1 ECB (Boost rain check deal).

I hope to head back later in the week to pick up some more LifeWater and probably the razor deal.