Saturday, September 4, 2010

CVS & Acme deals

I made a quick trip to the store on Saturday to pick up some deals that grocery and a quick stop at CVS to use up an expiring ECB.

I got all of this for $13.36 after sales and coupons.
2 - Life Cereal
2 - Capn' Crunch
2 - Capri Sun 10pk
1 - Gallon Chocolate Milk
1 - Gallon Orange Juice
1 - Kraft Mac'n Cheese Homestyle
2 - Sobe Smoothies
1 - Vanilla Wafers (for school)


I had a raincheck for BOGO 12 pk Cottonelle. I couldn't find it on shelf, so I asked. The clerk went back and picked it up from the stock room - only it was 18ct. I said, that's not what the raincheck is for. He said, that he could still give it to me for the BOGO raincheck and even gave me a sale price from a few weeks ago? I wasn't sure any of it made sense, but I wasn't going to argue about getting more for less. I also had a raincheck for the Blink tears from the free after ECB deal a few weeks back. I got the following in two transactions (I bought the toilet paper to use an ECB from my mom's card that was expiring) and is also why I needed a filler in the one transaction.

2 - 18ct Cottonelle Big Roll
2 - Gold Emblem Gummy Bears (one for my little assistant to spend the $1 she found on the ground, the second to bring up my total)
1 - Purex Ultra 50oz (38 loads)
1 - Blink Tears

-$.50 Cottonelle Mfg coupon
-$.50 Cottonelle Mfg coupon
-$.35 Purex Mfg coupon
-$1.50 Blink IP (no longer available)

Paid with $5, $5 and $9.99 in ECBs and $2.54 OOP ($1.15 was tax). I earned $13 in ECBs. I got 36 rolls of toilet paper and 38 loads of laundry plus more for only $2.54 OOP (a decrease of $6.99 in ECBs). Not bad from my perspective.

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Even if you didn't use coupons-but you have a great clearance sale or a sale in general-that is great too!!! Share your deal-I want to see them!!! And I am sure other's would appreciate the encouragement that there are good deals out there even in these hard times.

It should be fun to see what each and every one of you have done to save money!! Have a great week and go save some Mooolah!!!