Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Space Bag

A while back, I was contacted about sharing a contest with my readers. Unfortunately, life was simply crazy at the time and I didn't get a chance to post about the contest before it was over. I did however, get a chance to try out
Space Bags. As I've mentioned before, I find a number of the products featured on infomercials to be intriguing, but have generally been hesitant to make the purchase and try out the product. I was very familiar with the ads for Space Bags and was definitely interested in trying them out.

I received, amongst others, a Space Bag in a tote. I really liked the idea of this one for storing the bedding for our extra beds in our basement. We have both a sleeper sofa and an inflatable mattress and we store 1 comforter, 4 pillows, and 2 sets of queen sheets. We have tried a few different containers to hold them, but hadn't found one that worked well. So, I set out to see how it really worked.

I started with this:

I filled it into the bag and sealed the double zipper:

Used the hose attachment on my vacuum:

Removed all of the air from the Space Bag:

Closed the tote and zipped it shut:

My thoughts:
The first time through, I failed to get the zipper fully sealed. It wasn't a big deal, but there was a slow leak. At first I was concerned it was an issue with the bag, but after opening it (it is really cool to watch it all reinflate) and resealing the zipper, the leak was no longer present. I really like how compactly it will store all of this bedding. Plus, since we are storing it in the basement, by the beds, it is reassuring to know that it is airtight and waterproof.

According to the website, the bags will hold the vacuum for a year and then could simply be resealed. I don't think that this should be an issue for me, as we use the extra beds in the basement at least 3 times a year. What I don't know yet, is will it slowly reinflate as it approaches a year?

I've opened and resealed the bag a few times already (2 of our uses for our extra beds occur within a few weeks at the end of summer). So far, as soon as you unzip the double zipper, the contents start to reinflate immediately (did I mention how cool it is to watch it grow?). I'm not sure how quickly the pillows and comforter will reinflate after a month or two in storage. The website references fluffing things in the dryer. I don't think that would be a big deal, if that was what was needed after a few months of storage. I might feel differently about clothes, but this is bedding.

They make bags of many sizes and shapes. They even have some that don't require a vacuum to remove the air (Space Bag to Go), there are two styles - roll or push out the air. This type of bag could probably be useful in packing for a trip, so that you can fit more in your suitcase, and repack in the same fashion for your return trip.

The bags are available for purchase online and also at many retailers. Some retailers that I saw listed were Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Costco and Walmart.

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No compensation was received for this post. Space Bag provided sample bags to me for the purpose of reviewing the product.


Tired Mom T├ęsa said...

I've never used Space Bags but have always wanted to try them. It looks like they work wonderfully. I can't believe you got all that into the tote. Impressive! I may be putting these on my Christmas list! Thanks for the review.

Unknown said...

they are very useful I used them