Monday, September 13, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Finally, this past week, I saw some real movement on the scale. I'm finally making progress back to where I was at the beginning of the summer. I still feel like I am the only one who gains weight in the summer and can lose it more easily in the winter. I think there definitely could be a sleep connection, amongst other things. In the winter, I tend to be more successful in getting to bed on time. Which is not only good because I am sleeping, which my body needs, but also because I don't eat. In the summer, the kids get to bed later, which means that I get to bed later. I'm up more hours, which gives me more time to snack - it's been a little while since dinner and I just feel like I need something little.

This past week, certainly not winter, but with the return to school a few weeks gone by and finally getting back to routine, I once again have the kids in bed by about 8 or 8:15, most nights, which means that a 9:30 upstairs, 10:00 in bed target for me is working out much better. Nights where our calendar is full with sports are a little more challenging. We want to eat as a family, so that tends to mean later dinner after sports and later bed, but not much later.

This is my final week of this pass of P90X. With the gains of summer, I'm not sure how much change I will see in terms of measurements, but we will see at the end of the week. I am extremely proud that I am wrapping up my third time through. It really is a tough workout and 90 days is a commitment. I definitely will do it again, just not right away.

I've decided that I am going to take a P90X break for about 3 weeks after I finish. Why you ask? Well, I've decided that I'm going to participate in the 30 Day Shred Challenge that many other bloggers are starting this Monday. As I have mentioned, I have tried this workout, which I borrowed from a friend. I am a little bit concerned about time, since I am wrapping up P90X this week, but with the 30 Day Shred workouts requiring only about 30 minutes per day, I think I can make it happen. This morning, as example, I did the 30 Day Shred and then did P90X Yoga. I had to cut the Yoga short to only 55 minutes of a normally 1 1/2 hour workout. I can definitely say that Yoga is harder as a second workout than as an only workout. There were points where I wasn't sure I could keep my hands up for the entire pose.

I'm sharing my before pictures with you here (everyone else seemed to be doing it, so why not - I do apologize for the quality of the pictures, I had to use a napkin basket and timer to get the shot without getting the table). I also measured and will report back on changes at day 10, 20 and 30, relative to today.

Here is to a great week! Good luck to you too!

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Unknown said...

Wow, three times through with the P90X? I am impressed! I really like the 30 day shred and saw a difference when I finished it!

kia said...

I am glad you are in a better routine with the kiddos in school. Your workout plan sounds great with all the P90X you have been doing. A break for the 30 day shred will only add to the "muscle confusion" right?

Marie said...

Did you do the meal plan with each round of P90X? I saw more of a difference when Hubby and I added in the meal plans than if we just did the videos. And Kia is right, a break is perfect for muscle confusion! Strong work mama!!

Steph-Fit Mom in Training said...

You'll do great with the 30 day shred. It's a great workout. It'll be a good change after the P90X.

lorrie said...

your looking great congrats on doing well on your workout program and good luck this week

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

I have yet to put that dvd in. Good luck on your challenge. Can't wait to see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you on your 30-day shred! I'm sure you'll do AWESOME!

gretablau said...

Ha ha love how you rigged up the camera on a napkin basket. Awesome job on the P90X. I bet even if you gained, you will have either not gained inches or lost inches. Looking forward to hearing about your progress! The Shred is a great program.